Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Self Improvement

Everyone in life faces a position where they are just at a complete standstill and have no clue what to do. No matter how major or minor the problem it is, all problems cause drastic things that happen and certain consequences arise. The way you react and how you  handle the struggles you face in life all better you and prepare you for the future. Life's toughest struggles prepare you for the rest of your life and make you such a better person.

Listen, honestly no matter what the age, from 5 to 45 you go through these problems. My family for example has had major problems, and through these problems I will become a better person. My father is an alcoholic which is very difficult for any child to cope with but as I mature in life I see how this is preparing me for the things that lie farther down the road. It is seriously difficult to prevail from having such an overtaking thing like that. Every night I come home and he is drinking and I have to use skills in which I normally wouldn't have to use to be able to help with him with his addiction. We are still, together, bettering him and the problem he is facing. As I'm typing this I can here him "cracking a cold one" and it just makes me think, what challenges does God have for me to overcome and rise up to be a better person? Through the process of when I first realized that he had an addiction around seventh grade I've tried so hard to try to hold back my real feelings, but we have to realize that everything happens for a specific reason. whether the obstacle you are facing is small or large you need to realize that you can overcome it no matter what.

I always have these little voices in my head telling me that I'm not good enough, telling me that I'm not smart enough, no strong enough, but I don't think that those voices realize that all they are doing is helping me...not hurting me. All they do is motivate me to work harder so I can get good enough, be smart, be strong enough, no matter what those voices say I keep working harder and harder until I know that I can absolutely and indefinitely accomplish anything and everything I could possibly want to!
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Now I know that everyone has those voices that try to tear them down but the key to success is to just not listen to them at all. By bettering yourself you and causing yourself to become more motivated, self confident, enthusiastic. You could say that you climbing the ladder of self-improvement. AS of right now where do you stand on the ladder? At the bottom? There is only one way to go if so, and that's only up. Or do you stand in the middle? Where there is no reason to look back since that isn't the direction your going. No matter where you stand, tell yourself that there is only room for improvement. There is never room for failure not matter what you do. In life any and all challenges that you face are only there to help you...the only thing that they will cause you do to is develop as a person and cause self-improvement. 

Sunday, September 25, 2016

The Art of Getting What You Want

Confidence is a very important part to being successful. Confidence will get you extremely far in life from relationships, to jobs, to anything else you can think of.

Everyday you can be more and more confident in your thoughts and in your actions. Confidence is a key part to life. You can be more self confident and portray a better self image to other people in your routine. By not being afraid to fail you can be extremely successful. As you present yourself to your boss can allow you to be more respected and seen as a very important figure around your work place. As you continue to be more self-confident your personality become more and more positive and you will continue to be so much happier. You could eventually end up getting a raise and becoming extremely prosperous in your work place just from being confident in yourself.  Although it may not seem like much, just from being more confident something great can come from it and the reward for being confident will be so much greater than anything else because you can't take away confidence. Once you have it in yourself you know its there, it will help you through everything that you do in your entire life. Not only will it help you in your job but also in your relationships. By being confident you can show a much better self image and cause you to be more appealing to people.Your self imagine is something that is very important in a relationship because if your not confident in yourself then you won't have a very strong relationship. As you are self confident you will be confident in your relationship you will be seen as more independent and a strong mind. People like when you are able to be independent and confident in yourself because a relationship is more then just on person making the decision. Being more self confident shows the other person in the relationship That they are able to rely and depend on you whenever they need to. Striving to be more self confident will change your entire point of views on how  you see things in your everyday routine.Just one instance can change your entire view on how you see yourself. As you become more confident, you begin to know that you can do things just if you try. Self confidence is something that most people lack in today's society, but people should try to gain because it can have a major impact on your personal and also your work life. 

Monday, September 12, 2016


 As a 15 year old kid I know that I procrastinate a lot. My procrastination is something that I do every time I have a serious  event or something to do I always blow it off and end up not doing it. I have no clue why I do it but I do it to an extent that it gets ridiculous. My parents have a constant fight about my procrastination and I definitely need to fix it. My family aren't very big on doing bad in school so I don't know why as to I procrastinate so much. 

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My mom is a sixth grade teacher so I typically do everything that I am supposed to but here recently I have been screwing up on my school work and I thing that I seriously need to get a handle on it. As a responsible 10th grader I feel like it is my job so I need to take care of all the responsibilities that I have a high school student.

As a kid I worked very hard to make sure all of my work was absolutely completed to the absolute best that I could complete it. Throughout the years of my childhood my mom always ensured that I was correct on my homework and make sure that I knew everything that I was doing and now as I grow older I am failing to do what I have been taught to do my entire life.

Last year I started to struggle with my work in school because I had always depended ob my parents to look out for me as well as my teacher and in high school it is not like that. Either you do it or you do not and I fail to understand this or some exotic reason. 

Now, I continue to mess up and not take school seriously and I will continue to fail. The definition of insane is to do the same thing over and over again but expecting a different outcome. I feel that in a sense that as I continue to procrastinate I expect a different outcome and I should not be doing that as I am a sophomore in high school. I will continue to grow and I will try and keep my procrastination to an all time low and try not to blow things off and take them extremely serious.

Friday, August 26, 2016

I absolutely LOVE dogs! Dogs are absolutely the best friend anyone will ever have. There are all types of dogs to fit anyone and everyone's life style. You can have so many friends come and go. People you love that might walk out. But a dog will love you forever unconditionally no matter what flaws you have.

I have an absolutely amazing dog. She is a chocolate lab and she is so smart and so playful. She is only 4 years old though. She loves to be around little kids and loves to be outside. She will dart out of the house if she wants to go outside.She is one of the sweetest dogs I've ever met also.

She loves to play fetch and loves to try and find her treats as me and my sister hide them around the house and outside. She is an amazing hunting dog and loves to swim around in lakes and if we take her to a pool she will just jump right in the water without any chance of doubting herself.

The last time that we took her to a lake was the absolute best time. She darts out of the car and just runs and jumps into the lake. She will dive down and grab rocks from the bottom and just has the most fun every day in and day out. She has been such a great addition to our family and I love her so much. We treat her as if she was royalty. She is so spoiled but she is such a great companion

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Nate's Literacy Narrative

So as you probably already know, my name is Nate Moore and this is my very first blog post ever. My first blog I decided would be a literacy narrative. If you don't know, a literacy narrative is a story about someone as a reader and writer.

As a young child my mother would read to me all the time...she said that's what would stop me from crying when I was an infant. All my life I've loved reading and writing so much because my mom did that for me all through my childhood. As I entered fifth grade my mom thought it was a huge deal for me to read as much as possible.

She new that reading increased your vocabulary and she wanted me to be as smart as I possibly could. Just as every mother would want for their child. Upon my passion for reading my mom wanted me to become an avid writer so she made me write short stories almost every day and read them to her before I went to bed.

She absolutely loved to hear me write fictional and non-fictional stories about my day and whatever else my crazy 10 year old imagination could think to write about and when I pronounced words that were even difficult for an adult to say she thought it was the funniest thing.

I began to develop a love for reading and writing and the one person that I had to thank for it was my beloved mother. In fact she was  the first person I read a complete chapter book to and to this day I remember the name of the book. "Dinosaurs Before Dark." She was so proud of me and she is the reason I love reading and writing so much.

In sixth grade she encouraged me to enter a writing competition and I was so eager to jump right up and write my first official essay. I wrote a fictional narrative about how cows should be able to live on the moon and of course I didn't win but my mom still encouraged me to continue reading and writing as if I was the best writer in the whole world.

My mom has played a huge roll in why I love to read and write and I know that when I grow older I will thank her so much as she was the one who encouraged  me my whole life to do the best I possibly could with absolutely no excuses at all. .